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The Viva! Vegan Podcast and News Minisode

Welcome to the Viva! Vegan Podcast.

Welcome to the Viva! Vegan Podcast. Our monthly podcast and minisode are about all things vegan! We feature fascinating interviews with vegan celebrities and thought leaders, give you all the latest news from Viva! and chat about anything making vegan headlines.

The show is hosted by Viva!'s Faye Lewis and Lex Rigby.

Jan 1, 2023

Keegan owns and operates First Spark Media, a digital film production company, creating media that encourages critical thought and inspires social justice.

Raised with two rules – never to hurt anybody and always question authority – themes of compassion, sustainability and fairness naturally feed into his documentary-making. 

In this interview, Keegan chats to Viva!’s head of investigations, Lex Rigby, about how it all began, what challenges he’s faced in producing feature-length films that go against the grain and what he hopes to achieve with his work.

Lex is then joined by Faye Lewis, Viva!’s head of communications, to discuss punk rock, biointensive organic farming and memorising hard facts.

About Our Show

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