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The Viva! Vegan Podcast and News Minisode

Welcome to the Viva! Vegan Podcast.

Welcome to the Viva! Vegan Podcast. Our monthly podcast and minisode are about all things vegan! We feature fascinating interviews with vegan celebrities and thought leaders, give you all the latest news from Viva! and chat about anything making vegan headlines.

The show is hosted by Viva!'s Faye Lewis and Lex Rigby.

May 24, 2024

Rapper and animal rights activist Feldi has taken conscious rap to another level. Using his talents to advocate for animals through music, he brings the vegan message to a new audience.
In this episode of the Viva podcast, Feldi opens up about his journey to veganism, his work as an activist, and the songs that have...

May 24, 2024

Doctors Daisy Lund and Clare Day discuss health narratives in the media, processed food, Ozempic, the Eatwell Guide, and their views on processed foods, oat milk and more!  

Rachel and Faye sit down to ask plenty of health-related questions and discuss how they went about launching their own podcast In A Nutshell:...

May 10, 2024

The Vegan News Minisode with Faye Lewis  

Bringing you the latest news from the world of veganism: Episode 33: May 2024 

Welcome to the Vegan News Minisode, brought to you by leading vegan charity Viva!. Presenter Faye is this month joined by Rachel as they bring you the latest plant-based lifestyle, food

May 7, 2024

In this episode we are joined by entrepreneur Andy Shovel, co-founder of meat-free food brand THIS. A self-confessed former KFC addict who ran a burger company, Andy turned his business acumen to building one of the biggest meat alternative brands in the country. 

In this episode, Andy and Rachel discuss: 

  • How he built...

May 7, 2024

Nicole Whittle - otherwise known as Vegan Beauty Girl - is a maths graduate turned influencer and vegan activist. Her unique and honest social media presence is synonymous with the vegan movement, as she provides frank and supportive advice to her followers on everything from vegan food to cruelty-free skincare.